GPS Fleet Management system

About the product
The GPS fleet Management systems also popularly known as vehicle tracking systems provide real-time integrated with digital Maps I.e. live monitoring facilities. When a GPS unit is installed in a vehicle, it will generate information about location, speed, engine status, fuel level, engine run hours etc. In conjunction to that most of the current systems are web based such that fleet manager can track the whole fleet via either Desktop computer or Mobile gadgets like mobile phone and tablets at anytime from anywhere. On live tracking capabilities of the systems will simply the work of known whereabouts all vehicles on a fleet are, with their information like engine status ON/OFF, Fuel level, Name of a Place etc. By monitoring the vehicles 24/7 the security of the Drivers and the Cargo carried will be guaranteed, act as at any time Manager can pin point the concerned vehicle thus to enable necessary action to be taken for example in a case of Break down Recovery or theft. By the use of this feature, Fleet Manager can estimate the time to be taken for the vehicle to reach its designated point and direct the driver in case he is lost.
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