Leica Jogger 32 Automatic

About the product

Leica Jogger 32 Automatic Level

The Leica Jogger 32 automatic level is the top of the range in the series. With the increased 32x magnification, it is a perfect instrument for daily levelling projects where longer distances are involved. Used for many different general construction tasks, the Jogger 32 is suited for projects including landscaping, profiling, area levelling and other types of tasks in the building industry.

Leica Jogger 32 features include:

32x Magnification
Air damped and automatic compensator
Endless double sided fine drive for accurate targeting
360° division using the horizontal circle
Water resistant and protected to IP54 standards
Ideal for harsh working environments
1 year warranty
Upright telescope image

Technical Information:

Typical deviation per 1km: 2.0mm
Magnification: 32x
Lowest focusing distance: 1metre
Working range of the compensator: ±15'
Setting range of the compensator: 0.5"
Temperature when operating: -20°C up to +40°C
Net weight: 1.5kg
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