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  • 20 Products

  • 15 Photos

  • 10 Keywords

  • 10 Categories


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PayPal Acceptance Mark
We use PayPal to process all transactions securely. Payments can be made using any major credit card, without the need for a PayPal account. If you already have a PayPal account, you can also pay with PayPal funds or through your bank account. We don't keep any credit card information stored on our site. No tax is added to your order. For more information

Questions & Answers

Will my business be visible on Google?

As we are not partnered with any search engines, we cannot guarantee that you will appear in the top search engine results.

Will my listing appear on your other websites?

As your listing is country specific it will only appear on that directory website (

What does a Premium/ Lifetime listing mean?

Premium/Lifetime listings are published at the top of our search results, categories and keywords. If there is more than one premium listing with the same keyword, we will reposition the listing every 24 hours. Each listing will share top position for an equal amount of time as other premium listings with the same keywords.

Can I delete a bad review?

Unfortunately, you cannot delete your business reviews, however you can contact the site administrator to request a delete it for you. Please use our Support & Help" section to request a removal. If the review is unfair, inappropriate or damaging, we will do our best to remove it as soon as possible.

I do not have PayPal, how I can pay?

Unfortunately, we only accept payments through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account or it is not yet operating in your country, you can only use our FREE membership option. We apologize for any difficulty this many cause.

Can I cancel my membership and get refund?

You have the right to cancel your membership and we will refund you in full up to 30 days after completing your business listing submission if you are not fully satisfied. Please read here Terms of Service

Why choose TanzaPages Website ?

  • If you want your business to be found, you need to be where your customers are searching  and thats increasingly online. Your customers need to find you anywhere, at any time, and on the TanzaPages Website, your business details are available 24/7.
  • Getting listed on TanzaPages Website makes it easier for your business to be found by potential customers searching online. Your business gets an online listing which includes your contact details, interactive map, information about your products and services, images and even ratings and reviews from your customers.

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